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Another Postage Increase


May 11, 2009.....and another postage increase from our friends at the USPO.  The timing could not be worse for companies caught in this recession/economic downturn.  While the rest of us are cutting expenses, eliminating raises, freezing hiring and generally "hunkering down", the government in its forward thinking figures that it can increase revenues through new taxes, including the user tax on the US Mail.....which takes the form of a postage increase. After years of not passing these increases onto our customers, it is necessary to adjust our pricing to accomodate this newest annual increase.  Stay tuned....we are developng some new
While Hurricane Hanna's final path and landfall are still being determined there is a very good chance that she will definitely impact automotive direct mail movement and delivery along the path of the storm, Florida, Georgia and North and South Carolina.  At this time the potential disruption is largely uknown, such is the way of hurricane planning, but if you are dropping mail this week or next you should be considering dropping early or delaying any saturation mail.  You should also consider increasing the postage on your mail to priority or first class to insure that it moves out of