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Integrated Voice Response - IVR

What is IVR?

Integrated Voice Recognition system, or IVR, is an excellent information gathering and follow up tool that provides your customers with convenient 24x7 access.  This system will take your direct mail campaign to the next level by monitoring the responses and giving you customer direct information that will make your job easier. Included in the system is a time stamp, caller id and customizable information gathering fields that will truly give you the advantage. Every inbound phone call is captured immediately and reported back to you either via fax, email or through our proprietary web portal. You will have complete access to the phone number, name, address and other important customer data for each caller. Don't lose another lead! Have complete, accurate and real time information at your fingertips.

Mail House Direct is able to provide on-site or over the phone training on this system, however, it is so simple and efficient you may not need our assistance at all. To increase your profitability we also offer Business Development consultation which will help you create BDC processes, call-back scripts, follow up procedures, as well as phone skills training and development. Ask about how we can help take your staff to the next level of customer service and success.

Credit Scored Mailers and IVR

IVR is often used with credit scored mailers in conjunction with credit approval offers to drive sales leads.  Customers receive the mail piece and then call the custom IVR phone number.  The system will then, based on the phone number dialed ask for the approval code that was printed on the mail piece.  The approval code is unique to each individual that received it.  The system identifies the customer and stores their name, address, phone number and other available information into our "LeadTracker" system.  The dealer then calls the customer back and invite them to the dealership to complete the application and vehicle purchase.

Custom IVR Solutions

In addition to credit scored mailers and the Integrated Voice Response system, IVR can be used with a variety of campaigns including bankruptcy.  If you have a custom need or want to learn more about our custom automotive IVR solutions, give us a call.

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