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Credit Score Mailing Lists

Also Called:  BEACON Score Lists / FICO Score Lists

Whether your looking for a "good credit" mailing list or a "sub-prime" mailing list, Mail House Direct can help you compile the right mailing list for your dealership!  We get our data direct from the source and guarantee your compliance with all FTC regulations.

At Mail House Direct we provide credit bureau lists and leads that include Credit Scored data and Car Loan Data including late payments of 30 days / 60 days / 90 days / 120 days late.  We also can include loan balances.  We use our vast experience of working credit scored lists with dealerships all over the country and we apply this information to your campaign.

Our automotive and dealership marketing specialists are ready to assist you with your next direct mail campaign.  Give us a call at 866.588.0499 or email us at and get a custom quote right away!  We can quickly run counts and give you some ideas and direction to help you with your next direct mail piece.

Let's See Some SAMPLES!

Click the link to review some of our Credit Scored Direct Mail Pieces.    Credit Scored Direct Mail Samples

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We are!  When you are ready to partner with a direct mail team that has the experience, track record, and creative team to achieve results then give us a call at 866.588.0499 or CLICK HERE to contact us through our website. 

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