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Personalized URL or PURL

What is PURL?

Personalized URL or PURLs are a great way to bring your business into the information age, provide your customers added convenience and extend your ability to capture information. This tool is perfect for targeted marketing, and gives your customer the opportunity to go online to a personalized website which will welcome them by name and walk them through a credit application, buyer information request, product introduction, or any other information gathering form. This product broadens your market penetration to include those individuals who prefer electronic communication. You can either login to your PURL lead tracking website or opt for email of fax notification so that follow up begins immediately. You will find that PURLs are a powerful follow-up and retention tool that will help you grow your business. PURLs can also be utilized in conjunction in our IVR product.

See PURLs in Action

To see a DEMO of one of our PURLs click the following link and use sample code "6000600".  SEE PURL DEMO

Custom PURL Solutions

There are many different options when using a PURL for your next campaign.  To learn more about our PURL program and find out if its right for your dealership, give is a call or email us at

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