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Another Postage Increase


May 11, 2009.....and another postage increase from our friends at the USPO.  The timing could not be worse for companies caught in this recession/economic downturn.  While the rest of us are cutting expenses, eliminating raises, freezing hiring and generally "hunkering down", the government in its forward thinking figures that it can increase revenues through new taxes, including the user tax on the US Mail.....which takes the form of a postage increase. After years of not passing these increases onto our customers, it is necessary to adjust our pricing to accomodate this newest annual increase.  Stay tuned....we are developng some new

Car Guy Hit By Car - Ironic or Funny?


We would guess this is staged but man does it look real!

Mad TV - Funny Praying Car Salesman


This guy is a riot!  Praise The Lord!

Trunk Monkey Ads - Suburban Auto Group


When the monkey hits that guy with the tire iron....    Comedy Gold...

Funny Johnson Automotive Ads - Featuring "The Badger"


Theses are some pretty funny automotive ads for the Johnson Automotive Group.  They feature the Badger. 
By Alex Johnson Reporter updated 1:02 p.m. CT, Wed., Dec. 3, 2008 function UpdateTimeStamp(pdt) { var n = document.getElementById("udtD"); if(pdt != '' && n && window.DateTime) { var dt = new DateTime(); pdt = dt.T2D(pdt); if(dt.GetTZ(pdt)) {n.innerHTML = dt.D2S(pdt,(('false'.toLowerCase()=='false')?false:true));} } } UpdateTimeStamp('633639277793730000');   Perhaps no other place in America outside Detroit has more at stake in the debate over whether to bail out the auto industry than National City, Calif., sandwiched between San Diego and the Mexican border. National City is home to the Mile of Cars, one of the world's first auto malls. More than a century
Bill Heard dealerships closing, but Sugar Land site open By DAVID KAPLAN Bill Heard Enterprises said in a news release Wednesday it was closing its 13 dealerships nationwide, but one of its two locations in the Houston area remained open. Bill Heard Chevrolet in Sugar Land was selling vehicles into the night and will stay in business, said Linda Patterson, operations manager for the dealership at 13115 Southwest Freeway. She did not give further details to the Chronicle. However, Landmark Chevrolet at 9111 North Freeway was closed until further notice, according to a receptionist answering the phone there. No managers
Edward Lawrence, ReporterBill Heard's Las Vegas Car Dealerships Close Updated: var wn_last_ed_date = getLEDate("Sept24, 2008 7:05 PM EST"); document.write(wn_last_ed_date); Sep 24, 2008 06:05 PM CDT One of the largest car dealerships in the nation has become the latest casualty of the economy. Bill Heard Enterprises closed all of its dealerships nationwide Wednesday. That includes two in Las Vegas: Bill Heard Chevrolet and Vista Chevrolet in northwest part of the city. At noon Wednesday, without warning, the general manager walked on to the showroom floor and told employees to lock up. They were closing. The general manager would not comment on

Bill Heard Closes


Auto dealer Bill Heard Enterprises Inc. will shutter its 13 stores on Friday, the Columbus [Ga.] Ledger-Enquirer reported Sept. 24. The shutdown includes Bill Heard Chevrolet in Sanford. The company began in Columbus in 1919, founded by W.T. Heard Sr. It developed into the country's biggest Chevrolet dealer for years and runs dealerships in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Texas and Nevada. But the souring economy brought less demand for new cars and GMAC recently eliminated Bill Heard's credit for inventory, the paper noted. In July 2007, Bill Heard also faced a $50 million deceptive advertising lawsuit and was bombarded
Well, no need to update you on the destruction that took place, but here is an update from the US Postal Service about postal service in the Houston/Galveston areas as of this morning.  Had mail drop last week and need to know if it is going to be in home?  Have mail dropping this week?  Check this out: September 14, 2008 3 p.m. ET Please Note: The Postal Service is moving generators to facilities that have no power to expedite mail processing and distribution. In locations where roads are impassable or unsafe for travel, mail delivery services may be temporarily