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Bi-Weekly Car Payment Program

Bi-Weekly Plan Overview!

  The Bi-weekly Payment Plan is designed to assist consumers in saving money and increasing their equity position.  By paying half of their monthly payment every 2 weeks they make 13 payments each year.  By making one additional car payment each year consumers are able to pay off their vehicle quicker.  Up to 8 months quicker! The payments are automatically drafted from the customer's checking account every 2 weeks and can be easily customized to match their budget.  In fact customers find this system easier to budget as it matches the typical pay structure of every 2 weeks.

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Dealer and Customer Benefits

The Bi-Weekly Payment Plan is a service that produces both a consumer and dealer benefit.  The plan easy to understand and provides a tangible benefit.  A perfect combination.

  • Increase F&I income with strong commissions
  • No charge-backs and no cost to the dealer
  • Advertise lower biweekly payments
  • Reduce the customer's trade-in cycle
  • Ability to up-sell other F&I products
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • No increase in customer's payment amount
  • Eliminate negative-equity position
  • No up-front cost to enroll
  • Increases equity buildup
  • Pays off the loan up to 8 months faster
  • Payment convenience with automated drafts
  • Improved credit rating with on-time payments
  • Easily match timing of loan payments and paychecks

Online Reporting

With online reporting, you can easily track customer enrollment activity, view historical commission, and project future commission payouts.

Online Bi-Weekly Calculators

Our online calculators allow dealers to quickly and easily calculate customer equity and interest benefits. These calculators are provided as an optional tool that can be used by dealers to help sell the program. Dealers can select biweekly drafting dates and print a customized savings summary that can be reviewed directly with the borrower.


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