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Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing or VDP for short is a method of printing where text, images, and graphics are printed on-demand from one piece to the other.  Therefore, each piece is individually printed but without any slowdown or stoppage in the printing process.  All of the information that is printed as VDP is delivered through a database or external file.  VDP is great for a variety of direct mail solutions including self-mailers, postcards, PURLS, IVRs, and nearly every other direct mail soluton.

The process of VDP is directly related to the development of digital printing and the digital press, databases and advancement in pre-press software.

Is It Right For Me?

A majority of our mail pieces are customized to include customer data and specific promotional data. We have the ability to employ variable data printing on our pieces so that your direct mail is addressed to an individuals name not just "current resident". This personal touch increases the success of your direct mail campaign.  Nearly all of our customers use VDP as part of their mail program.  If you're not using VDP you need to call us right away!

Are You Ready?

We are!  When you are ready to partner with a direct mail team that has the experience, track record, and creative team to achieve results then give us a call at 866.588.0499 or CLICK HERE to contact us through our website. 

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