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Gift & Incentive Promotional Giveaways

Incentive & Gift Promotions

Promotions or gifts can be used alongside a direct mail campaign or alone on the showroom floor. Studies have shown that making the structure of the promotion active instead of passive, increases sales tremendously. Mail House Direct will guide you through this process in customizing your approach to promotions and bring in a huge return on your investment.  

Mail House Direct offers over 200 promotional gifts including; trips, gift cards, vacations, electronics and much more! Gifts and promotions make the customer feel appreciated and that their time shopping was well spent.  A free gift will assuage any anxiety that the customer may have about giving you that down payment and encourage an open-mind when considering buying a car. Mail House Direct will create an active promotional structure, with which you will see instant results! Mail House Direct will help you have the necessary impact to get future customers from their mailbox to the show room floor!

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