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Advertising Mailing Lists

Perhaps the most essential component in developing an effective direct marketing campaign is finding the right advertising mailing lists. That's where we come in. At Mail House Direct, our professional marketing staff specializes in providing the best service in the industry. We locate dependable lists and sort out the top prospects for your particular needs, which in turn has a positive impact on your responses and sales.

Tips for a Successful Launch

  1. Resist the temptation to rush, throwing together your campaign in a hurry. Nothing undermines success like failing to plan carefully. In any good campaign there will inevitably be minor hitches and problems along the way, but poor planning and hurried timelines increase the likelihood of major mistakes and weak advertising strategies. Expect to take at least a good month of preparation before you launch.
  2. From the first day of preparation, contact all subcontractors and suppliers you'll be dealing with. This would include your mailing house, creative agency, and broker of advertising mailing lists. Ask what they each need from you in order to comply with your vision, as well as what a realistic timeline for their part of the project would be. One of the most common mistakes in direct mail marketing is when the creative agency designs a package that is either more costly than necessary or flat-out un-mailable. You can avoid this by holding off final approval to the creative agency until you've sent a proof to your mailing house.
  3. This may seem obvious, but carefully consider your price point, since that will have a huge impact on the response to your campaign. Informally survey your friends, family and colleagues in order to get some input on pricing. You may also conduct a test mailing, and judge from the response whether your price seems enticing and fair.
  4. Sending out a test mailing of approximately five thousand pieces not only helps you set a price point; it can help you to discover any deficiencies in your message, allowing you an opportunity to make your message clearer and sharper for the actual campaign launch.
  5. You can expect a response rate of at least two per cent from the test mailing. Analyze the kind of customers who did buy so that you can discover any common threads, such as whether they were all in a particular age or income bracket, from the same geographical region, or the same sex. This will help you to hone your message to better target your potential customers.

Our experienced team of professionals is proficient in providing exceptional advertising mailing lists with the maximum level of deliverability.

Contact us at Mail House Direct and allow us to make it all easier and more profitable for you!

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