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Hispanic Mailing Lists

Despite the fact that it is the largest growing segment of the U.S. population, the Hispanic sector remains a largely untapped market. The Hispanic population only receives about one third of the mail that the average U.S. household receives. What this means to you as a direct mail marketer is that your offer will be more highly visible among this group, which results in a higher rate of sales.

If you use Hispanic mailing lists for business purposes, the figures are even more favorable. According to statistics, self-employment rose more than forty per cent among Hispanics in one year, and business start-ups increased by more than sixty per cent.

By using Hispanic mailing lists to target this demographic sector now, you can start building brand loyalty before other competitors reach this market. Since Hispanic households tend to include extended family members, your offers will reach more potential prospects per mailing. This means you have more opportunities to make more sales per address with each offer you send out.

The quicker the market growth, the more crucial it is to secure the most reliable list broker possible. Mail House Direct has the experience and resources to supply only the most current, accurate Hispanic mailing lists available. We know who the dependable sources are, as well as which sources to avoid. We utilize sorting methods that include a wide range of demographics. Some of the selects we use are:

  • Income level
  • Age
  • Geographic region
  • Presence of children
  • Hispanic business owners
  • Hispanic business executives
  • Hispanic medical professionals
  • Hispanic home owners
  • Hispanic expectant parents
  • Long distance users
  • Spanish speaking Hispanics
  • Affluent Hispanics
  • Hispanic book club members
  • Hispanic credit card holders

In addition we have access to lists of Hispanics with subscriptions to Spanish magazines such as People en Espanol, Christina, TV y novellas, Vanidades, and Cosmopolitan en Espanol.

Mail House Direct helps you sort through lists in order to pinpoint the exact consumers for your particular marketing campaign. We have access to lists that are not available to the general public. And with our connections in the industry, we can obtain for you the best rates for top-quality Hispanic mailing lists.

Going the Extra Mile

We're not interested in supplying massive amounts of inferior mailing lists for a quick profit. We know that if our clients are pleased with our services, they will be retuning to us over and over for all their direct marketing mailing lists. You could say that at Mail House Direct, we're more interested in the "Big Picture". We understand that your success today is our success tomorrow. To that end, we go the extra mile by taking time to understand your specific business campaign, then extensively researching the available mailing lists, and then refining those lists further in order to sharpen the focus to your targeted demographic. These are the efforts that result in a more profitable campaign.

Mail House Direct also goes the extra distance for you by providing a broad range of other customer services such as telemarketing, list management, direct mail list brokerage, Search Engine Optimization, and total development of both online and traditional marketing tools.

Contact Mail House Direct today for any mailing lists you may need, whether it's Hispanic mailing lists or a wider marketing direction. We're here to help!

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