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New Movers Mailing Lists

You can access new movers mailing lists for targeting prospective customers who are actively looking for and buying products and services. Moving generates a lot of new expenses, and it is the first six months of residence that most of these expenses are made.

Some of the expenses associated with moving are van rentals, moving services, insurance, and lawyers. In addition there are often large expenditures for renovations, remodeling, landscaping and interior decorating. In addition to all of these expenses, these people frequently purchase new appliances and new furniture. Don't overlook the fact that these people will also be looking for neighborhood banks, restaurants, grocery stores, and other daily business connections.

Mail House Direct can help you reach this market with reliable, accurate mailing lists. We offer all levels of guidance and assistance with your marketing package, from concept to launch. Our staff of professional marketers and list researchers is here to help make your campaign easy, uncomplicated, and hugely successful. The following is a list of some of the search selects we use to pinpoint the specific target demographic for your particular marketing campaign:

  • Geographic region (by Zip, State, County, Street, radius from business, etc)
  • Sales price of home
  • Presence of pets
  • Presence of pool
  • Presence of children
  • Presence of grandparents
  • Income level
  • Occupation
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Number of floors in home
  • Homes with basements

No matter what your marketing needs, we can find your ideal prospective customer. Contact Mail House Direct for your new movers mailing lists, and get the edge you need for a more profitable campaign!

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