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Consumer Mailing Lists

Your consumer mailing list is a highly crucial aspect of your advertising and marketing campaign. However, consumer lists are often extremely lengthy, containing a multitude of information not applicable to your particular direct mail campaign. In addition, these lists are often out-dated and therefore inferior in terms of accuracy and relevancy. At Mail House Direct, we can help you to dramatically improve your results for direct mail, telemarketing, or email campaigns by sourcing and researching only the most reliable, current, and relevant consumer mailing lists that precisely target your market.

We review your campaign to ensure you will not waste time and money on dead-end leads from unreliable, poorly maintained lists. In addition, Mail House Direct has access to lists and information that are not available to the general public.

We can offer recommendations for your campaign, and then handle the brokering of the list rental on your behalf; and since we are a large company, we can often get you better pricing for superior lists, which serves to further improve your marketing results.

Effective list brokering is not the end of our service; we keep in mind at all times the whole point of your marketing campaign, which is to find and target ideal prospects for your offer. We do this by breaking down further your consumer mailing lists from among hundreds of categories of demographics. Among these are the following categories:

  • Car ownership
  • Occupation
  • Income Level
  • Presence of children
  • Gender
  • Pets
  • Number of cars
  • Size of dwelling
  • Geographic location
  • Hobbies
  • Age
  • Recent purchases
  • Home owner
  • Religion

Obviously, the more precisely your mailing list targets your prospects, the more sales your campaign will generate. At Mail House Direct, we're the industry experts in this area of direct mail marketing. That's why it's plain good business to take advantage of our services.

Tips for Consumer Mailing Lists

Mail House Direct can assist your business with every step of your marketing campaign, from concept to launch. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering advertising and marketing strategy:

  • Identify and know your potential customer; the better you understand who your targets are, the simpler it is to locate them.
  • Define your approach; should you do a saturation campaign of a particular area, or a targeted campaign of a large geographic region? This helps you to determine which type of list you need, such as compiled lists or response lists.
  • Set definite goals; you need to target enough customers to get the best return on your investment. An ROI calculator helps show how increasing your lists can improve your bottom line.
  • Work with a Trustworthy, Dependable Partner. Mail House Direct has an extensive track record of satisfied clients who return again and again to our professional, experienced marketing professionals.

Mail House Direct is the best full-service list brokerage, research and marketing business in the industry. Our services are fast, reliable, and professional. Contact us today for your consumer mailing lists - or for any kind of lists you require in order to launch a winning, lucrative campaign!

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