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Buy Mailing Lists to Ensure Success

The quickest way to find and pinpoint your market is to buy mailing lists from a trustworthy source like Mail House Direct. Our reliable lists are accurate and current, and an excellent strategy for any campaign, such as an e-mail promotion, a telemarketing blitz, or a standard direct mail marketing campaign.

First and foremost, however, before you even begin to look for your market, it is essential to first define your market. Identify as many characteristics and elements as you can about your target demographic, such as gender, age, geographic location, and income level. Will your offer be focused on business addresses or residential addresses? These considerations help to sharpen and narrow your scope and increase the likelihood of responses, which translates into more sales.

Uncertain About How to Proceed? We Can Help.

Mail House Direct professionals can help you through each step of your marketing campaign. We can review and make recommendations regarding your campaign, and assist you in identifying the best prospective customers for your particular offer. Since we are not affiliated with mass list generators or list warehouses, our lists are developed based strictly on the specific needs of your campaign. Since we are a large mail house, in many cases we have the buying power to get mailing lists significantly cheaper than other brokers, and we pass the savings on to our clients. Furthermore, we have access to lists and information that are not available to the general public, which means more available information and options for our clients.

Actual List Ownership is Complicated

Technically speaking, mailing lists with contact names are not actually bought, but rented. In most cases the lists are obtained with an agreement of one-time-only use. Occasionally an unlimited twelve-month usage agreement may be in place. It is actually unethical and illegal to violate the agreement by contacting the customers on the list more often than the renting agreement allows. Original list owners often place decoy names on their lists in order to monitor any inappropriate usage.

Any customer who responds to your mailing, however, can be added to your own customer mailing list. Mail House Direct can help you to gather and store this data, and can broker an exchange of your list with other list renters if you are interested in such a service.

Mailing List Breakdown

Generally speaking, the two basic types of mailing lists are Compiled and Response. Compiled lists are an excellent option for saturation campaigns because they tend to target small geographic regions, and the data is compiled from public records. Response lists are compiled from actual customer files such as a magazine's list of subscribers. Before you buy mailing lists, you should first determine which type of list is best suited to your offer.

So which type of mailing list should you purchase? The answer to that question depends on your individual marketing campaign. At Mail House Direct we understand that this can all be complicated and confusing. We're here to help. Let our experienced team assist you with every step of your marketing campaign, and you will be assured of the most profitable and successful campaign you've ever launched. Contact Mail House Direct today and let's get started!

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