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Business Mailing Lists

The most critical element that impacts a successful direct mail campaign is the quality and accuracy of your business to business (B2B) mailing list. Precisely focused efforts produce much better responses. However, businesses are continuously changing. A company may change hands, close down, relocate, or open additional branches. Lists that are not up-to-date are inaccurate, resulting in wasted time and money on a missed target and on lost sales.

Mail House Direct makes it our business to have access to the most recently updated business mailing lists.

Our network of list analysts and list managers are the best in the business, and are able to accurately reach nearly fifteen million businesses in the United States. Our comprehensive lists include such information as street addresses, phone numbers, personal contacts and e-mail addresses.

We Plan & Research Your Targeted Marketing Campaign

In addition, we see to it that your business to business mailing lists are well-matched to your specific campaign needs. For example, your brilliant new medical software package would be of no interest to, say, a Tool and Die Company, and a new Italian restaurant in Philadelphia would draw little interest from customers in Montana. Detailed services like ours make all the difference and create more dramatic results for your business.

We accurately sharpen the scope of your business mailing lists by using a broad range of selective criteria. Some of these criteria include:

  • Industry
  • Geographic zone
  • Area code/exchanges
  • Type of business
  • Company size
  • Profit or Non-Profit
  • Single/ Multiple locations
  • Contact names
  • Contact titles or positions

Furthermore, we can combine search criteria to better reach the widest possible target demographic.

Let our Professionals help Your Business Succeed

We can help you identify and execute the best campaign, and work within your budget. Contact Mail House Direct today to get started on your most profitable campaign launch!

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