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New Homeowner Mailing Lists

New homeowner mailing lists include people who are ready to spend money on certain products and services, and that makes this group a hot area for direct marketers. Moving into a new home costs thousands of dollars beyond the actual cost of the house itself. Some of the expenses include moving vehicle rentals, professional packers and movers, and sometimes short term home or apartment rentals. Settling in to the new home involves some big expenses, such as appliance purchases, furniture purchases, tools and equipment, renovation services, redecorating, landscaping, electronics, etc.

The most crucial element of any direct mail campaign is always the quality and accuracy of your mailing lists. This is especially true with new homeowner mailing lists, which need to be very current in order to be deliverable. Otherwise, you will lose time and money on both your undelivered marketing package, and the lost sale. Mail House Direct, a respected leader in the industry, takes pride in furnishing our clients with only the very best mailing lists available.

We also offer our clients much more than the average list broker. We do it all, from offering professional guidance with your decisions on what lists will work best for your particular needs, to marketing consultation, internet services and list management services.

We have many search criteria at our disposal to help pinpoint your most receptive prospects on the new homeowner mailing lists. The following are some samples of the various selects we use to sharpen your target prospects:

  • Mail order responsive
  • Lot size
  • Estimated Income
  • Pool type
  • Market value
  • Living area
  • Square footage
  • Year built
  • Loan/sale date
  • Water type
  • Purchase price
  • Estimated age

Mail House Direct professional marketing and researching experts are here to help you through every step of the process. We can help you accurately determine your mailing list needs, and develop a great direct mail marketing campaign. Contact us today to learn how we can take your next campaign from adequate to excellent!

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