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Teacher Mailing Lists

There are currently over four million teachers in the United States, and they represent a profitable segment of the consumer market. Some of the products you can market to this segment are educational tools like textbooks and educational games and toys. However, it's also a great market for other kinds of goods, such as science equipment, computer software, office supplies, and technological equipment.

Teachers are not only limited to the classroom. Many of them are also involved in co-curricular student activities such as music, sports, photography and clubs. Here you could market uniforms, sports equipment, musical instruments, camera and film equipment, and coaching videos, among many other items.

Important Facts to Know about Teachers

The important thing to know about the teacher market is that it's very fluid, meaning the rate of turnover is very high. The reasons for this are new teachers entering the educational field, teachers who transition to a different school and teachers who retire and leave the profession. Consequently, using outdated teacher mailing lists could be massively detrimental to your marketing efforts. So it's crucial to get top-quality, current mailing lists from the most reliable source, in order to optimize your rate of response and ensure a successful marketing campaign. And that is exactly what we provide at Mail House Direct. We supply our clients with only the most accurate, updated mailing lists possible.

We can break down your lists by a host of selection criteria, such as geographic zone, public or private school, religious schools, trade schools, grade level, department heads, club mentors, coaches, and so many more. We can also find lists for marketing to principals, administrators, and board trustees, who have the influence and the power to buy.

Honing your Offer

Not only can we supply you with accurate teacher mailing lists, we can also help you hone your message so it strikes just the right cord with just the right people-those who have the authority to make purchases. Once we understand your offer and find your target market, our marketing professionals can help you fine-tune your message to generate the highest rate of response. Contact Mail House Direct today and let's get started on your most successful campaign ever!

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