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Mailing List Brokers

It takes a reliable mailing list broker to produce a reliable mailing list. Anything less is not only ineffective, but can be seriously counter-productive to your marketing campaign effort. It really is vital to secure the most accurate lists available, and those are found at trustworthy brokers like Mail House Direct.

Premium Services -No Additional Charge!

Our premium services also include extensive researching and sifting through thousands of available lists in order to sharpen the focus to your specific target customers. That's what makes your direct mail marketing campaign profitable and successful. At Mail House Direct, we supply these additional services at no extra charge. We even access some lists not available to the general public in our mission to target your best prospects. We know which sources are dependable and which ones to avoid.

Furthermore, at Mail House Direct we take the time to learn about your particular campaign, such as the marketing materials you plan to use, your budget, your ultimate goal, and the details of your offer. Taking these extra steps enables us to help you target your demographic with precision, so that your rate of response is much higher and you make a lot more sales.

We go to all this additional effort on your behalf because it's good business; we realize that your successful campaign means you will return to Mail House Direct for mailing lists the next time you launch a marketing campaign. Mail House Direct is the only mailing list broker you will ever need.

Marketing Campaign Headquarters

Our staff is comprised of professional marketing specialists with expertise in direct mail marketing campaigns. We can show you how to improve your rate of response through the use of our marketing models. We can also assist you to interpret models for other compilers, publishers, and survey companies and demonstrate how to work them into your own campaign effectively.

We don't stop at locating a mailing list that matches your needs. We evaluate the list and fine tune it so that it will generate the best possible leads. Then we help customize your campaign to the mailing list. We can help you to speak directly to your demographic audience by considering such variables as average age, income, geographic region, and other variable criteria. At Mail House Direct we actually combine the services of a premium mailing list broker with those of a professional marketing consultant. You get so much more for your money when you come to us.

Some of the needs you can contact us for are:

  • Marketing consultation
  • Campaign management
  • Simple mailing list purchase
  • Multiple list purchases with single billing
  • International mailing lists

Our professionals negotiate on your behalf to secure the lowest price for top-quality lists that will be an ideal match for your marketing campaign. Whether your goal is to reach people around the world or just around the block, Mail House Direct is the best possible choice.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you launch your most successful marketing campaign ever.

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