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Christian Mailing Lists

The Christian market is a large sector which can be targeted easily and effectively using the right Christian mailing lists. Mail House Direct narrows down the lists by using many different variables. Some of the variables we use to create your specifically tailored list are the following:

  • Religious denomination
  • State
  • City
  • Zip code
  • Area code
  • Size of congregation
  • Geographical region
  • Income level
  • Presence of children
  • Gender
  • Age

In addition we can identify individual Pastors, Christian concert-goers, Christian cruise customers, and people who have made Christian-related purchases.

Excellent Market for Non-Christian Campaigns

This category is also an excellent market for other types of mail order campaigns that do not involve religious denomination. The people in this group of consumers have other characteristics in common. For instance, consumers in this category are generally conservative, and they usually respond well to products and services that encourage family unity and core values. Furthermore, people on Christian mailing lists represent a big portion of the market for home schooling, and they usually respond generously to charity promotions as well.

Mail House Direct reviews your campaign to determine your specific mailing list needs, and then we find the absolute ultimate in promising prospects for you from among the massive amount of Christian mailing lists available. We specialize in sorting out only the most reliable, reputable sources, after which we offer you our recommendations and negotiate on your behalf for the best prices. Why struggle alone through the maze of mailing lists when we are right here to offer expert assistance?

Helping you Along from Concept to Launch

Mail House Direct can head up your entire campaign from conception to launch date, which means much less hassle for you with far better results for your marketing campaign. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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