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Compiled Mailing Lists

Compiled Mailing lists are assembled from a broad range of official sources, for example telephone directories, as well as from governmental sources, such as applications for trade licenses and professional registrations. These sources provide a premium level of accuracy for specific demographic selects, like occupation, income level, or age. In addition, compiled mailing list information may also be gathered from private membership lists, house-to house canvassing, and trade mailing lists.

The Downside to Compiled Lists

There are some disadvantageous to buying compiled mailing lists, the most apparent of which is the sheer size of these lengthy lists, which often contain millions of names. That's way more than most direct marketers can use. The other major flaw is that, other than trade lists, generic compiled lists don't offer much information about the names on the list, so you can't determine who the best prospects are for your particular needs. Identifying and targeting your most likely respondents is, of course, the primary goal of a direct mail campaign.

Mail House Direct Solves those Problems

Our research and marketing professionals review your campaign and ascertain exactly who your best prospects are. We review both compiled and response lists in order to come up with an unbeatable combination of detailed data and reliability.

Reaching your Targeted Market

Once you've identified your ideal target market, you need to be sure to reach it. This is where using reliable and accurate mailing lists comes in. Outdated lists result in wasting money, time, and resources on a message that reaches nobody. With Mail House Direct you can be certain of getting only top-quality lists from the most dependable sources. We research the list markets extensively on your behalf, screening and fine-tuning through a wide variety of demographics, until we have sharpened your focus to your precise targeted market.

Contact Mail House Direct today to find out how we can help you plan and launch a highly profitable direct mail marketing campaign!

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