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Doctor Mailing Lists

Doctor mailing lists are the primary source of targeted marketing contacts for many direct marketers. It's a lucrative market for several reasons, not the least of which is their high income level. The average physician in Family Practice earns more than $150,000 a year, and many surgeons and specialists earn more than $850,000 per year. Obviously it's an enormous market, with thousands more graduating from medical schools each year.

This is a very rewarding market to target, with consumers buying luxury items like premium vacation packages, high-end automobiles, yachts, expensive jewelry, and other high-tag merchandise. In many instances, it's not just the doctor who makes the purchasing decisions. The wife or other family members may be the actual buyers, since the doctor is so busy with his practice. Therefore it is often a wise strategy to consider targeting these family members rather than the doctor.

Small Business Needs for Doctors

Physicians represent a unique category because their practices are essentially small businesses. They have a need for the same kind of business equipment and supplies as any other kind of small business owner. In addition, there are industry-specific supplies and equipment needed by doctors as well. Keep in mind that although in the doctor's office it is usually the doctor who has the final say on purchases, there are certain members of his office staff who have varying degrees of influence on office purchases.

Mail House Direct Connects you with this Profitable Market

At Mail House Direct we have a long history of helping marketers reach the lucrative physician market We work with our clients to learn about their specific campaign, research the thousands of available doctor mailing lists, and pinpoint the exact demographic that will make your campaign efforts a huge success. We can narrow your list of prospective customers by searching lists based on hundreds of criteria, some of which are the following:

  • Specialty
  • Geographic location
  • Sub specialty
  • Hospital or clinic affiliation
  • Single office doctors
  • Recently certified
  • Multiple office doctors
  • Medical students

In addition, Mail House Direct has access to many mailing lists not available to the general public. Furthermore, due to the high volume of lists we purchase annually, we often receive bulk rates and pass the savings on to our clients with every list they get from us.

Why settle for outdated, inaccurate doctor mailing lists from untrustworthy sources when you can work with Mail House Direct and get the highest quality lists at the best possible prices? Contact us immediately to begin planning your most profitable marketing campaign ever!

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