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Government Mailing Lists

In the United States there are more than seventy thousand federal, state, county and city governments spending literally trillions of dollars a year. Mail House Direct can help you connect with contacts on government mailing lists. In many instances, government administrators, executives, and purchasing managers have the power to buy goods and services themselves. Employees at the federal level often have purchase cards which allow them to make purchases of up to several thousand dollars on their own.

However, don't limit yourself to federal government mailing lists. There also exists a huge segment of the market in city governments, where there are almost two dozen cities with revenues over a billion dollars. Since most of the time their budgets cannot be carried over to the next year, local governments end up spending almost half of their departmental budgets within a three month period in order to meet the fiscal year-end with no unspent funds.

Governments are customers for many types of goods and services, including office supplies, contractors, books, seminars, vehicles, furniture, computer software and equipment, etc. For optimum results, you must know how to market yourself to this niche market, and which government mailing lists are most effective. Here are a few tips to consider:

Target Your Market Effectively

Purchasing managers focus more on cost and delivery, while project managers and executives are interested in products that help them increase job efficiency.

Send out Multiple Offers

Very often a customer will not "bite" the first or second time they receive your offer. After the third or fourth mailing, however, they have had time to think about it and about how to budget for it, and that's when you make the sale.

Remember to Plan for the Fiscal Year-End

This is the best time to market to government employees looking for ways to spend their remaining budget dollars. Make your offer stand out with special discounts or other specials, but be careful not to include gift-with-purchase incentives to governmental agencies. These employees are not allowed to accept gifts, so that kind of offer will work against making the sale.

Get to the point quickly and make responding simple

State your offer clearly and quickly; government employees are especially busy during this time of year. Make sure you have made responding to the offer easy and simple.

Locate the Correct Government Mailing lists

This is true in any kind of direct mail campaign. You must have accurate, current lists or else the list is not an effective marketing tool.

Mail House Direct for all Your Government Mailing lists

We are industry leaders in finding and implementing the best lists in the country from the most reliable sources. Some of the sources we access include:

  • Government technology
  • Government Magazine
  • Federal Computer Week
  • NASA tech briefs magazine
  • American Correctional Association
  • And so many others

We can further research and sort these lists to locate the type of employees you are looking for by:

  • Party affiliation
  • Geographic region
  • Elected to office
  • Appointed to office
  • Job title
  • Job function
  • Population of governed region
  • Agency size
  • Government -level spending
  • Departmental-level spending

Mail House Direct can break down your ideal prospects even further by department, for example:

  • Law enforcement
  • Agricultural department
  • Finance
  • Justice
  • Health and human services
  • Personnel
  • Homeland security
  • Transportation
  • Legal affairs
  • Public safety
  • Community Development
  • Department of defense and its contractors

There are hundreds of various selects at our disposal, which we can use to find the government mailing lists that will get you the best results in terms of higher sales and best ROI.

Contact Mail House Direct today and let us help you make your next marketing campaign a great success!

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