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Veterans Mailing Lists

You can expect excellent results from your direct marketing campaign when you use reliable veterans mailing lists from Mail House Direct. As with any other marketing campaign, you must be sure to get the most accurate mailing lists from the most trustworthy source possible. And that's exactly what we provide all of our mailing list clients.

It helps your marketing effort if you take time to educate yourself about this niche market. This can be done on the internet, where the issues and concerns of veterans are easily found. Doing this kind of research will help you determine what might appeal to this demographic sector, as well as what sort of message will be the most appealing. For instance, many of the people on veterans mailing lists respond to patriotic symbols very well. This would indicate that the use of American flags, American eagles, and red, white and blue colors will be a great asset. This is a good market for any kind of military product, as well as products advertised as "Made in the USA". Donor requests related to veterans also do very well with this segment of the market. And, according to some studies, veterans responded seventy-five per cent more often when the request included a postage paid envelope.

Reaching Your Target Market

Having information about your target market is important, but where and how do you find and reach these contacts? That's what Mail House Direct is here for. We supply our clients with only the most reliable, accurate lists available, and we go the extra mile to research extensively in order to narrow down the lists to your best prospects. We make use of a wide variety of demographics in order to precisely pinpoint your target market. Some of the search criteria we use include:

  • Veteran homeowners
  • Veteran hospitals
  • Veterans with children
  • Gender
  • Mail order purchasers
  • Age
  • Donors to veterans' causes
  • Geographical location
  • Ethnicity
  • Income level

Contact Mail House Direct today to learn all the ways we can help you to connect successfully with the veterans market. We can take your campaign effort to a whole new level of success!

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