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Direct Mail Fundraising Lists

Although the ultimate purpose is the same as for any other direct mail campaign, namely increasing revenue [donations], direct mail fundraising uses somewhat different marketing principles. The most effective formula for a successful direct mail fundraising program involves a series of simple but vital steps.

  1. Develop a persuasive case
  2. Demonstrate leadership
  3. Build name recognition with supporters & donors
  4. Project a compelling vision
  5. Make certain your direct mail package is viewed

You can help to ensure your mailing is opened by utilizing tricks and tips to increase visibility. For example you can use higher quality paper, printing and graphics, first class stamps, and personalized materials, all of which help make your offer stand out.

The most important element in the process, however, is selecting your prospective donor list. A properly updated, sorted and refined direct mail fundraising list precisely targets the best donors and makes the difference between a mediocre and an outstanding campaign.

Understanding the Difference Nature of Fundraising Campaigns

There is a fundamental difference between regular consumer mailing lists and fundraising mailing lists, and understanding this is critical to the success of your campaign. At Mail House Direct our trained marketing professionals are knowledgeable in recognizing and addressing the different nature of this kind of campaign, and implementing the crucial steps necessary to ensure the success and profitability of your fundraising efforts. Our extensive experience in this field makes us the experts you can turn to for tips and advice.

For example, in a donor acquisition campaign you won't really see dramatic results until approximately your third mailing. This gives you time for building name recognition and relationships with your potential donors. Another bit of advice for providing vision, leadership, and a compelling argument for your cause is to send out newsletters. By writing regular, informational, eye-catching and personalized articles in a newsletter you can also increase awareness of your cause, as well as increase support for your efforts to address the problem.

Mail House Direct for Any Type Donor List

Mail House Direct provides top-quality direct mail fundraising lists for all kinds of organizations. We access a wide variety of sources for our up-to-date lists, including the following:

Political Donors
Democratic donors
Republican donors
People for the American Way
American Civil Rights Union
Voter Registrations

Charitable Organizations
March of Dimes
Breast Cancer Awareness
Autism Awareness

Health Interest Groups
American Heart Association donors
Anti-drug Use Youth Organizations

National Audubon donors
World Wildlife Fund donors
Defenders of Wildlife donors
National Wildlife Federation donors

Religious Organizations
World Magazine subscribers
Christianity Today subscribers
Salesian Missionaries
Paralyzed Veterans donors
Veterans of Foreign Wars donors
Disabled American Veterans donors

We can refine your list further by sorting through other criteria, such as date of last donation, size of donation, geographic region, and many more.

Contact Mail House Direct today for more information on how we can help you launch a successful direct mail fundraising campaign.

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