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Library Mailing Lists

Book and magazine publishers reach libraries throughout the country through the use of library mailing lists. This can be accomplished with either saturation marketing within specific regions, or with targeted marketing of specific types of libraries.

Libraries represent an outstanding marketing opportunity for two important reasons: They tend to make bulk purchases, and they tend to pay on time. Furthermore, libraries are the same as any other kind of institution in that they require the same kinds of equipment and products in order to function. Some of these needs would include furniture, office supplies, and computer hardware and software.

Mail House Direct is a professional research and list brokerage company dedicated to providing our clients with only the best, most reliable, and most accurate mailing lists possible. We have an impressive track record of helping direct mail marketers develop lucrative, successful marketing campaigns. We have access to library lists with information for more than a hundred thousand libraries across the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, and other international countries. With our services you can target a broad range of libraries such as:

  • Public libraries
  • K-12 libraries
  • Environmental libraries
  • Medical libraries
  • College libraries
  • Community libraries
  • Art libraries
  • Music libraries
  • Historical libraries
  • Business
  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Childrens'
  • Science
  • Military
  • Religious
  • Technological

Mail House Direct knows how to find and reach the actual contacts responsible for buying and decision-making at each institution, including their names and titles.

We have the resources to narrow your library mailing lists search further by sorting more specific demographics like:

  • Budget
  • Populations served
  • Size
  • Number of branches
  • Media budget
  • Types of services

In addition we can obtain contact lists for you from library associations, such as the Library & Information Technology Association, the Library Administration & Management Association, and the American Library Association. We can also access specialty library organizations such as medical and legal libraries.

Contact Mail House Direct today for your library mailing lists and to learn how our expertise and experience can elevate your next marketing campaign to new heights of success.

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