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Direct Market Mailing Lists

There is no single element in your marketing campaign more important than a top-quality direct marketing list. It's critical to have the most precisely tuned, accurate and up-to-date lists possible in order to get the best return on your invest (ROI), the highest conversion rates, and the most sales.

Research is the Key

Most list brokers are interested in quick sales of their generic lists, which are quite often outdated and inaccurate. At Mail House Direct, we make it a point to get to know our clients and their individual marketing plan, so that we can better understand their direct marketing campaign needs. We use only the most reliable sources for our lists, Then we fine-tune the lists by extensively researching and sorting through the many thousands of lists available, until we pinpoint your precise marketing target.

This is a daunting task unless you know exactly what to look for, which is our specialty here at Mail House Direct. We know the best sources to look at when identifying your exact market, as well as which sources are the most current and accurate. We have the resources and expertise to properly evaluate and analyze the direct marketing lists in order to select your potential customers from among lists of millions.

Some of the list sources we access are:

  • Opt-in lists
  • Public Records
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Company lists
  • Membership lists
  • Customer lists
  • Educational lists
  • Recent purchase lists
  • Religious affiliations

We also have access to lists that are not available to the general public.

Price Negotiation

One of the perks of using Mail House Direct for your direct marketing lists is that we have the power, experience, and connections to negotiate on your behalf for the best prices for the best quality lists. In many cases we can save you a significant amount of money over our competitors.

All Service Mailhouse

We offer complete marketing services, such as formatting lists for ease in labeling, submitting your marketing package to list owners for approval, and many other details of your marketing campaign.

Once you accumulate your own in-house list, we can help manage and maintain those lists for you, and assist you in renting out your lists for a secondary stream of revenue!

Let our team of marketing professionals help you achieve your most successful marketing campaign to date! Contact us today to begin planning your next direct marketing campaign.

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