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New Parent Mailing Lists

New parents represent a very lucrative segment of the consumer market. There are more than four million births in the United States every year, and the new parents are prepared to spend. Even more significantly, these busy new parents are extremely receptive to direct marketing offers. According to some statistics, over seventy-five per cent of new parent families purchase products by phone or mail.

There is a vast amount of products that can be sold through new parent mailing lists. Among the hundreds of products that can be marketed to this group are toys, educational products, books, DVDs, furniture, apparel, safety products, feeding supplies like baby food, formula, bottles and baby utensils, bathing supplies, strollers, car seats, and much more. In many instances the new arrival also means the purchase of a new vehicle for the growing family. And new parents are an excellent market for financial products like life insurance and savings accounts. Then there are family-oriented entertainment offers like vacations, restaurants, etc.

This is a group of consumers who respond well to discount offers and coupons. But when it comes to products the baby will actually use, the first consideration is safety. Another useful statistic is that new parents tend to use credit cards frequently.

Mail House Direct provides top-quality new parent mailing lists from the most reliable sources available. As industry experts, we know where to find the best sources and which sources to avoid. Our team of professional marketers and list researchers are here to help you precisely target your market in order to achieve the most profitable response from your campaign efforts. Here are just some of the selects we sort in order to pinpoint your best prospects:

  • Pre or post-natal
  • First child or sibling
  • Median income
  • Child's gender
  • Geographic region
  • Childrens' dates of birth
  • Due date

Contact Mail House Direct today, and let us help you launch a remarkably successful marketing campaign!

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