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Homeowner Mailing Lists

Securing reliable, accurate homeowner mailing lists from Mail House Direct can get you in the door to a highly profitable market. The purchase and maintenance of a house initiates an ongoing chain of expenses and responsibilities. Most people are too busy these days, with dual careers, hectic schedules and child-related issues, to consider doing home repairs and renovations themselves. This demographic group is always interested in products and services that will save them time.

Energy conservation is another rapidly growing issue among today's homeowners, who are a lot more likely than renters to invest in energy saving products, such as energy-efficient light bulbs and fixtures, refrigerators and other appliances, and windows. According to a Frost and Sullivan report, the energy-efficient light control switch is a nine million dollar a year industry, and is predicted to pass the one billion dollar mark by the year 2012. It makes good business sense to utilize homeowner mailing lists to reach this growing market with your own conservation solutions.

Regardless of your product, your marketing campaign will be more lucrative by making sure to keep a narrow focus. There are three primary reasons why using new homeowner mailing lists is an outstanding marketing tool. First of all, more products and services are purchased in the first six months of residence in a new home than in the following two years. Secondly, if you are pursuing a local market, you have the opportunity to meet and welcome the new families and introduce them to your goods and services. Thirdly, new homeowner mailing lists are highly accurate because new families are not likely to have moved away before your package gets to them.

There are thousands of possibilities available for creating homeowner lists, but Mail House Direct gives you the edge by providing a service unlike other list brokers. Our professional marketing team extensively researches a multitude of available mailing lists, taking care to narrow down the focus to your specific targeted demographic. We find you the most reliable, up-to-date lists that guarantee better results, and then take it the extra distance by refining the prospective clients as tightly as possible. Among the many research methods we use to accomplish this are the following:

  • Geographic location
  • Home value
  • Type of dwelling
  • Mortgage value
  • Presence of pool
  • Date of purchase
  • Household income
  • Presence of children

We can further narrow the filed by searching other criteria like hobbies, club memberships, religious affiliations, and magazine subscriptions. We can easily and accurately identify your ideal prospects.

Contact us at Mail House Direct before you plan your next marketing campaign, and see how your direct mail marketing efforts can be more successful and profitable than ever.

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