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UK Mailing Lists

Mail House Direct makes it possible for you to connect with a large and lucrative new market by sending your campaign offer to Great Britain. This market realizes well over fifty billion dollars in sales annually. That comes to an average of more than eight hundred dollars of direct mail purchases for every resident of the United Kingdom! Although entering this market requires a bit of additional effort, it is more than worth it in profitability.

The first thing to remember is that you must have the most reliable mailing lists possible. With reliable UK mailing lists from Mail House Direct, you can reach your overseas market with the same precision and accuracy as you would in your markets at home.

Navigating the Details

Our marketing professionals are experienced in handling the details and complexities of overseas marketing, and can make the whole process easy and stress-free for you. For example, we understand that it takes a little longer to obtain the mailing lists, and that it costs a little more than obtaining more local lists. However, we also know that because prices in the UK are higher than in the U.S. you can reasonably charge more for your products and get back the additional mailing list costs many times over.

We have connections and good relations with list brokers and list management businesses throughout Britain, including access to some mailing lists not generally available to the public. Furthermore, we make sure your direct marketing package is in compliance with all laws, including the Federal opt-out list, known as Mailing Preference Service. In addition, we see to it that all your addresses are correctly formatted so they are recognizable by the British postal service, called the Royal Mail.

Mail House Direct services also involve narrowing down your target market to find your best prospects based on various demographics, such as location, income, age, gender, and recent purchases, among others. Our professional copywriters make sure you use the correct UK spelling and grammar in your marketing materials, and help you identify American references and idioms that may not be familiar in Britain.

Contact Mail House Direct for more information about UK mailing lists and any other international markets. It can be easy to enter international markets with Mail House Direct!

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