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Targeted Mailing Lists

The key to ensuring a profitable, successful direct mail campaign is having high-quality targeted mailing lists. No other single element of your marketing campaign is as critical to your success. But with more than fifty thousand mailing lists available, it's not easy getting your hands on the right list for your specific needs.

Mail House Direct is the Answer

We take great pride in supplying our clients with only the most reliable, accurate mailing lists. We take the time to learn about your product and your campaign, and then we take the time to research and refine all the available lists until we can perfectly match your campaign needs. This is what it takes in order to ensure the highest possible rate of response from your offer. Once you have selected your list from among our recommendations, we will negotiate on your behalf with the list owners to get you the best possible price.

Another vital aspect of your marketing success is selecting your target market as precisely as possible, with a persuasive message that will be appealing and irresistible. Our team of professional marketers can help you achieve this goal. We can identify your best prospects through careful demographic research, and help you hone you offer to generate the highest response.

If you like, we can actually handle your campaign from beginning to end, including finding your target market, defining the best method of connecting with your market, projecting response rates and calculating your Return on Investment.

As leaders in the field of direct marketing, we have the experience, knowledge, understanding of proven marketing methods, and the resources to make your direct mail marketing campaign a great success.

Whether you are launching a traditional direct mail campaign, a telemarketing campaign, a fax campaign or even an e-mail marketing campaign, we are the experts who can help you achieve new heights of success. Contact Mail House Direct today and let's get started!

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